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SHEFA provides supplemental financial assistance to qualified Saipan & Northern Island residents pursuing a post-secondary education on Saipan or abroad.

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The mission of the Saipan Higher Education Financial Assistance (SHEFA) under the Municipality of Saipan, Office of the Mayor is expand educational opportunities and provide financial assistance to qualified residents of Saipan (inclusive of the Northern Islands) for te betterment of our workforce.

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Message from the Mayor


Facing the many challenges since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has put us to the test of developing new or modified methods in how to deal with the negative impacts of the pandemic. Our island’s economy was hit hardest when our daily public and private enterprises came to almost a screeching halt, and left many of us to ponder what we had to do to cope with the uncertainties more

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The Saipan Higher Education Financial Assistance board and its staff admirably navigated a path that kept it going and fulfilling an important part of its purpose, i.e., ensuring that each recipient of the program’sfinancial assistance was not left stranded in the chaos of the pandemic. For its persistence and commitment in constantly being present for the recipients, I must congratulate the SHEFA Board and its dedicated staff for their fortitude in keeping the program intact and for always being present to listen to the recipients.

I am impressed by the board and staff’s many accomplishments during the reporting period. Recognizing the financial needs of our island’s students pursuing their post-secondary education and our students pursuing certifications in their chosen trade, I am confident the board and its staff will go the length to make sure each receives the financial assistance he or she needs to succeed.

While I am recognizing the board and its staff for their commitment to the financial assistance program here, I must especially acknowledge all recipients, both current and past for making the right choice to do what it takes to excel in life. Education will drive your aspirations beyond your imagination. Reaching many milestones in your life and career of your choice will be of great benefit to you personally and to those that receive the product of your education, skills, and talents.

Congratulations on a very successful year, despite the many challenges, and I wish you more good luck in the years to come.



Mayor, Municipality of Saipan

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Message from the Chairman


On behalf of the SHEFA Board of Directors and Administration, I invite you to please take some time to go through our 2021 SHEFA Annual Report. Within these pages, you will find a snapshot of our program. student profiles, our finances, and highlights of what the year more

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To the leadership of the Saipan Northern Islands Legislative Delegation and Mayor David M. Apatang, I extend a warm and gracious thank you for your continued support of the SHEFA program. You are the reason we are able to provide much needed assistance to our deserving students. Even with the temporary suspension of our merit incentive awards and priority field awards, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our program continued to provide financial assistance to all eligible students accordingly.

To our recipients, we firmly believe that that your hard work and discipline will determine your success in your chosen field as well as the success of our growing community. With that said. we look forward to your return after graduation.

Lastly. I would like to extend my thanks to the full board for their dedication to our students and their commitment to better our program one year to the next.



Oscar M. Babauta

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