About Us

SHEFA was created by Saipan Local Law 13-21 to provide supplemental financial assistance to qualified Saipan & Northern Island residents pursuing a post-secondary education on Saipan or abroad. SHEFA is primarily funded through the appropriation of the local license fees for poker and pachinko machine with additional funding assistance through continuous appropriation from PL 20-10 Casino Gross Revenue Tax.



The Mission of the Saipan Higher Education Financial Assistance (SHEFA) under the Municipality of the Saipan, Office of the Mayor, is to expand educational opportunities and provide financial assistance to qualified residents of Saipan (inclusive of the Northern Islands) for the betterment of our workforce.



  • Continued commitment to increase transparency and accountability.
  • To implement a Workforce Development Scholarship that will focus on long-term buildup of expertise in the post-graduate level or specialized fields to fill highly needed job categories.
  • Online student tracking management program to streamline the application process, check disbursements, compliance and collections.
  • To improve compliance, collections, and enforcement efforts.
  • To improve collection of academic, graduate and employment data.